Sunday, February 05, 2006

As if we needed another reason to hate Duke

Seven random thoughts regarding the $252 Million Cameron Crazy:

• Little-known fact: A-Rod's preferred shade of lipstick is called "Blue Devil."

• Jeter must be a North Carolina fan.

• He's gunning for the title of Dukie SuperFan No. 1, currently held by Dick Vitale.

• "Chop! Chop! Hey, this is easy! Why, it's just like the move I pulled on Brandon Arroyo!"

• For the first time in his four-year Duke career, J.J. Redick wasn't the most annoying athlete in the building.

• A-Rod loves an underdog, which is why, along with being a Duke diehard, he also is a lifelong fan of the Montreal Canadiens, the Detroit Red Wings, the UConn men's hoop team, the UConn women's hoop team, the Tennessee women's hoop team, the Celtics and the Lakers (and the Spurs and Pistons also), the 2005 Chicago White Sox, Eric Heiden, Mark Spitz, and whoever wins the Super Bowl today.

• Dammit, where's Varitek when you need him?