Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Dallas reunion

Got an email here from my buddy Nuts, a damn talented sports dude at the Monitor who happens to be cursed with one tragic character flaw: He has the same tingly feelings about Troy Aikman that Siegfried has for Roy. Yep, he's a Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Even bid for Leon Lett's game-worn "undergarments" on eBay once. Poor, confused fool.

Anyway, Troy's Boy says this:

nice updates on the blog lately. i suppose tomorrow there will be some lame-ass joke and photo of bledsoe. real (expletive) funny.

Well, okay then. I'm nothing if not accommodating . . .

As far as jokes go, I believe the photo stands as its own punchline, given a little support from an old Bledsoe quote:

"I can't wait until Sundays because I can get on the field and he can't be yelling at me. You're out there in front of 70,000 fans and it's the quietest it's been on the field all week." - Bledsoe, on playing for Parcells, 1995.

You know, I'd pay good money to find out what Bill Belichick really thinks of Bledsoe's and Parcells's decision to renew their vows. Good money.

Note: I'm hoping to have a real column up sometime tomorrow, on either the Bledsoe/Tuna Rockin' Reunion Tour 2005 or something else of greater relevance. I'll know it when I think of it. 'Til then, thanks as always for checking in. - CF