Sunday, November 11, 2007

Don't go away mad (just go away)

Just a quick redirection to this week's Fox column, which leads off with our eighth annual Happy Retirement, Roger Clemens! tribute. We think this one will stick, however, because he's definitely done for good this time . . . no, seriously, he's outta here . . . no more relaunches for the Rocket . . . gotta go watch the "K Kids" (Koby, KremeHorn, Kwitter, etc.) play ball, maybe help Debbie sell some of that crap . . . yup, time for ol' Cletus Clemens to hang up them cleats . . . hasta la vista, baby . . . that's all folks . . . Roger over and out . . . whoa, wait - whaddaya mean he filed for free agency Friday?

Oh, God. He's never leaving, is he? Please, I beg of you - don't tell Waldman.

* * *

(P.S. - Aiming to have a new column up Monday night on a certain basketball team we're all falling for, so be sure to check in again Tuesday morning. And for the record, I will eventually get that Sox wrap posted, though at the rate I'm going pitchers and catchers may be arriving at Ft. Myers by the time it happens.)

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