Friday, August 10, 2007

Bye-bye, Boomer

Just a quickie post to point you toward this week's Fox column, which leads with a tribute (sort of) to Boomer Wells, as well as thoughts on Chipper Jones's Hall of Fame chances, some ambivalence for Balco Barry, the Rick Ankiel redemption, and other ridiculous stuff.

(And if that doesn't sell you, then just check out the first comment. It's worth the price of admission. Though I guess it is pretty cool that Bonds lapdog Greg Anderson apparently reads the column.)

Also, because I have just witnessed the unbelievable, a Completely Random Baseball Card:

You're probably not going to believe this, but I just saw Wily Mo Pena hit a curveball - and not just any curveball, but Eric Bedard's top-of-the-line hammer. And not only that, but he got a hit and an RBI off the damn thing, tying the score in the eighth inning in what looked destined to be of those aggravating losses in which the offense takes the night off. If these are Wily Mo's last days in a Sox uniform - and you have to believe they are, given that he has cleared waivers and assuming Bobby Kielty can shake the rust off in Pawtucket - it's cool that he gets a nice moment of his own before he goes.

(And while I was writing that, Eric Gagne-Slocumb pissed away a four-run lead in the eighth. That'll teach me to be positive about a game that isn't over yet.)

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