Friday, May 11, 2007

Check out Glenn Hubbard's enormous snake!

You know, that headline didn't quite come out right now that I read it again. Ah, well. Anyway, check out our latest Nine Innings column on FOX Sports here to read about this card as well as other baseball items of mild interest. (Do I know how to sell the thing or what?)

We should be back here with a post about your Boston (Kicking --- And Taking Names) Red Sox at some point tonight. Man, if the rest of this season is as fun and rewarding as the first six weeks, it's going to be a heck of a summer at Fenway. Can they really be as good as they've looked?

Oh, and one more thing for my fellow "Office"-philes: How about that Fancy New Beesley last night? Her hot coals-inspired speech ("Maybe I should be your boss, Michael") calling out her selfish co-workers and spilling her honest feelings to Jim ("It's weird between us, and that sucks") was absolutely pitch-perfect - and please, just give Jenna Fischer her Emmy nod now. This season's theme has been about Pam's desperation to overcome her paralyzing self-doubt, and Fischer has absolutely nailed her character's nuances and underlying sadness at every turn, culminating with last night's revelatory moment. Now I just hope the season finale is as compelling as it has been set up to be . . . also, and that sad-sack Toby eventually gets to see Pam in her two-piece, Jim stops giving her the frigid shoulder, and that someone finds Andy before a big tuna gets him.

-- TATB Management

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