Tuesday, July 18, 2006

You should hear how they laugh at 'A-Rod'

Should have a shiny new Nine Innings column posted Tuesday afternoon. In the meantime, how about one more fun snippet from "The Curse of Rocky Colavito." (Am I pimping this book enough? I am? Can you tell I'm reading it for the 4,049th time? Really? That obvious, huh?)

The (1980s) Indians had a pitcher named Ray Searage. His nickname, was, naturally, "Raw Sewage." And that wasn't even the worst pitcher's-name story.

They also had a pitcher named Bob Owchinko. When they played an exhibition game against a Japanese team, the Japanese reporters broke into loud laughter when Owchinko was announced.


"Because his name means 'little p---s' in Japanese," said a Japanese scribe.

Something tells me pitching in Japan wasn't an option Owchinko considered after his big-league days were over.

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