Saturday, January 14, 2006

Very superstitious, writing's on the wall

Because cranked out a quickie post before the Pats' romp over Jacksonville, I'm bound by the Sports Nut's Laws of Superstition to do so again today.

(Which, conveniently, also is how I justify wearing this mangy, iced-coffee stained Super Bowl XXXIX t-shirt to work for the second straight Saturday. Who says sports writers don't have a keen fashion sense? I'm too sexy for my shirt . . .)

Anyway, my head tells me the Pats win fairly easily tonight, though the butterflies in my stomach beg to differ. I think Tom (10-0) Brady exposes the youthful Broncos secondary, Ben Watson and/or Kevin Faulk take a spin in the spotlight, and Richard Seymour and the rejuvenated defense contain Tatum Bell and Mike Anderson enough to force Jake Plummer to revert to his erratic Arizona ways.

TATB's pick:
Pats, 31-20. Bring on the Steelers. (Yeah, that's right, Peyton . . . )

(Update, 2:43 a.m.: The shirt is dead to me.)