Thursday, November 24, 2005

And speaking of turkeys . . .

Selected other t-shirts from the Jason Giambi fall collection at the BALCO Outlet Store:

Got Juice?

Huge Giambi Homers

Sheffield Injected, Lawton Approved

Dammit, Why Does Everyone Keep Giggling And Asking Me If I Like To Play With ShrinkyDinks?

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut, Sometimes You Don't

Drug Policy? What New Drug Policy? What?!? Oh, #$@&!

And, apparently:

Chicks (And Jersey Meatheads) Dig The Longball

(Yup, that's a real and recent photo, from the site Either Giambi has good sense of humor about himself, he just doesn't give a damn what anyone suspects anymore, or he feels like he's 10-feet tall and bulletproof. (A side effect of HGH, FYI). Anyway, be sure to check in Friday/Saturday for TATB's overdue take on the Beckett deal, and have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. - CF)

(Update, 12/2/05: Hmmmm. . . the photo, which features Giambi hanging out in a T-shirt that says Better Living Through Chemistry, has disappeared not only from my site, but also from VegasExposure and, among others. Either lawyers are involved, Steinbrenner has more clout that we thought, or a raging Giambi will be showing up on TATB's doorstep any minute. Better go hide under the bed just in case.)

(Update 1/6/06: The photo lives on! Thanks, dudes.