Monday, June 20, 2005


A couple quick housekeeping items while I wonder what Eva Longoria sees in Tony Parker . . .

* The next column will be posted Monday night. I've been trying to write tonight, but the TV is on, and damned if (begin sarcasm) Chris Berman's super-witty plays on words aren't distracting me (end sarcasm). Tiger "Not Out Of The" Woods? Good god, is Boomer's act tired or what? How did he end up with this golf gig, anyway? Was Gilbert Gottfried unavailable? Guess what I'm saying is, it's tough to write when "SportsCenter" is causing my ears to cry out in pain. The gauze has stopped the bleeding, however, and I should be all better tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

* I've gradually been adding items to the sidebar down the right side - an explanation of what TATB is all about, links to other New England sports blogs, books and other goodies of interest on, and even some stuff I wrote in previous professional incarnations. Check some of it out if you haven't already. TATB has a baby to feed . . . not to mention Buckethead.

"Hey, who finished off all the Cheddar And Onion Turbo Blast Pringles? Huh, @$%#@? Who? Rodney needs his @$%#@ breakfast, dammit!"

* Thanks. No, seriously, thanks. This website/blog/home of the whopper is growing faster than I dared to expect when I launched it on little more than a lark back in late November. Turns out I do have more than 12 readers. Each month has brought several hundred - and lately thousands - more hits than the previous month. The knowledge that you are out there reading (and reacting) is what keeps this thing going. I sincerely appreciate it. Keep checking in, spread the word, and please, keep the feedback coming. You help decide the content. I had no idea Joe Morgan was so universally despised until I checked my inbox the day after I mocked his incompetence. I think even Davey Concepcion wrote in to say he couldn't take him anymore.

* You might have noticed I'm rarely posting on weekends. From what my Sitemeter data tells me, most of you check in during the morning and early afternoon on weekdays. (Tsk, tsk . . . don't let the bossman find out.) My hits drop considerably on Saturday and Sunday, so I'm using those days to catch up on email, add stuff to the site, try out new shades of lipstick, and of course, drink lots of wine coolers. (Whoops . . . looks like A-Rod hacked into my laptop again.)

* Because you've endured this far, a Completely Random Baseball Card just for you:

From the 2005 Baseball Prospectus:

"Having hit like an underfed shortstop for two years, Olerud has little left to give. It will be a shame, though, if baseball loses it's only player who can be seen emerging from the clubhouse shower wearing a towel and a batting helmet."

Classic line, typical of Prospectus. By the way, did you notice he's not wearing the Magic Safety Helmet on the card? I betcha that rascal Glenallen Hill filled it with Ben-Gay right before the photo shoot. Rookie hazing can be so cruel.

* Don't look now, Tony, but I think Big Shot Bob just walked out with Eva. Don't cry, kid. What did you expect from the coolest, clutchest cat in high tops?